concealable tracking device solutions for police and government agencies


Our pre-equipped bait products with integrated tracking devices represent a proactive approach to combatting property crime. Satare's bait items are fitted with a state of the art tracking device (manufactured in England) that are ultra small in size, allowing the tracking device to be easily hidden. It's low power consumption coupled with a flexible power supply makes them suited for long-term operations. They are the highest functioning, smallest device available; featuring on-board GPS, GSM, and RF technologies, which are independently and remotely controllable.

Our bare devices and on-board microphone for listening are also available for purchase independent of bait items.

If you are police, military or government agency in need of concealable tracking devices, contact us to view our products and discuss your needs. Give us a call or click below to email us directly!

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DeWalt DC100KA-GB 18V 1.3Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Combination Drill comes equipped with Satare's state of the art GPS, GSM, RF bare device and movement sensor. These drills are the ideal bait item for proactively fighting property theft.


Our new Toshiba® laptops, fitted with self charging dual batteries from laptop charger, is equipped with Satare's ultra small bare tracking device and movement sensor. Laptops are also available for running the Satare platform independently.


Satare offers new Apple® iPads® (3G WIFI) equipped with our self-charing tracking devices. The Satare S350 device fits perfectly inside the iPad, leaving the bare device fully functional with all the tracking capabilities. The S350 device is professionally and discretely cased, ensuring no one can tell the difference from an ordinary iPad.